NetAssist for product innovation

In 2009 we established a separate business unit, NetAssist, in Amsterdam. The goal of NetAssist is to develop new services and products through innovation and applied research so that NetMatch can maintain its leading position in providing 'Travel Technology Solutions'.

By putting product innovation and development in a separate business unit we can generate more focus and energy to work on innovative solutions to complex questions.

Some of the topics we are working on at this moment include: websites and native applications for the most popular mobile devices (iPhone / iPad (iOS), Android, Blackberry) to complement the existing customer websites, integration of customer websites with social media (Facebook, Flickr, Hyves and Twitter) and expanding our search and guided navigation functionality with natural language search algorithms to create the semantic web. Also technical support to improve SEO and SEA is one of the major topics.

Case Zoover

NetMatch works closely together with Zoover to help them achieving their business goals.

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