Next to our own developed code framework TourWeb we integrate systems of other software partners.

Only standardized first-class software solutions are part of TourWeb's product portfolio. According to the different needs of our customers we built up partnerships with suitable companies that address exactly our clients' needs for competitive, technologically advanced but yet simple to handle software that guarantees high performance, quality and reliability.


Software, Smartphones, Online, Cloud Computing, IT Business Technology

Microsoft PartnerNetMatch is officially certified for the Microsoft competencies Software Development, Web Development and Midmarket Solution Provider. The certification specifies NetMatch has good knowledge of Microsoft technologies. With the Microsoft Partner Network, we receive a set of core benefits that can help us save time and money for our customers while we strengthen our capabilities, better serve customers, and build connections to reach your full business potential.

All our web applications are built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and hosted on Microsoft technology.


the player hub company

peakworkpeakwork delivers Player-Hub technology for the travel industry: the solution for the production, distribution and sale of travel products. Player-Hub technology provides advantages for tour operators, airlines, hotels and OTA’s.

During the whole sale process tour operators have full control over their travel offers and gain maximum flexibility in Dynamic Packaging. When using this technology, online consumers and travel agents are benefiting from the super-fast response times and a vast flexibility of options available to the search process. Individual search and booking solutions can be tailored to match specific markets and/or channels. All in all, Player-Hub provides a high standard of technology.

NetMatch is the exclusive distribution partner for peakwork Player-Hub technology in the Benelux.


Agile Information Management Software

Endeca PartnerSearching is the center of attention in conversion based web sites. TourWeb has incorporated the navigation search server of Endeca. It uniquely follows people's logic to help web visitors find intuitively what they are looking for - and more - and as a result, sell more.

Guided Navigation works by automatically building out the countless unique browse paths that reach each product. It helps customers to find what they are looking for by wrapping results in browse choices showing them where to go next.

With the help of merchandizing it is possible to push travel products to the customers. Web studio will be implemented and configured to set the business rules for the (different country) websites and logging/report features to improve web site operations. Free text search is of course part of the Index search. The implementation will foresee in keyword redirects, phrases, thesaurus, stop words and can be extended with our new semantic search application.

With more than 10 Endeca implementations currently online we are the most experienced Endeca implementer in the travel industry.


Newsletters, e-mail marketing and market research

Apsis PartnerApsis offers solutions and services within email marketing, surveys and SMS to around 6 000 customers in more than 50 countries around the world. APSIS Pro is easy to use and provides you with an extensive set of features satisfying most needs.


Bewotec - DaVinci

DaVinci, solution for medium-sized and big tour operators

Bewotec PartnerDaVinci is a software solution which can fulfill almost all the requirements of a tour operator. DaVinci has a modular organization and the possibility of scaling and clustering. These facts make it suitable for small, mid-sized and big tour operators. Some of the advantages are the simple and user-friendly handling, flexible possibilities for utilization and output, fast and high data integrity. The client-server architecture guarantees reliable and safe working.

Several clients in our portfolio use DaVinci as their backend system.


Multivariate Testing and Website Personalisation

Maxymiser PartnerMaxymiser is the leading global provider of Conversion Management solutions, including A/B testing, multivariate testing, web and mobile personalization, and multichannel marketing. Maxymiser empowers marketers to make smarter, objective decisions, and deliver engaging customer experiences that improve the bottom line.


Desk Content Marketing

DESK, Content Management System

Desk Content Marketing PartnerNetMatch is using DESK as the Content Management System within TourWeb. DESK is a complete CMS which delivers rich features for a company’s Content Management process.

These features include: multi language multi market structure, easy content management, connection with backend systems, sophisticated image management and workflows.

DESK is already being used by a number of tour operators like ANWB, Pharos Reizen, Peter Langhout Reizen, Sunweb, de Jong Intra Vakanties, Sudtours, Jiba, GOGO, Husk, SkiHorizon,, Eliza was here and écart skitours.


Content Management System

Kentico PartnerKentico is a powerful CMS, E-commerce and online marketing platform in one. Its WYSIWYG editor is very easy to use and allows the end-user to create content with much ease. Among its features are: Multi-language, staging to production deployment, multi-site management, media library, an easy to use API and much more. Click the link above to find out more.


Optimizely Partner“Optimizely is committed to working with great Solutions Partners, empowering more companies to begin implementing and seeing the benefits of optimization (experimentation, personalization, recommendations),” said Travis Bryant, VP of Sales at Optimizely. "We’re excited to have NetMatch join the Optimizely partner program so together we can enable customers to deliver delightful experiences and increase revenues.”

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