NetMatch reference model The NetMatch reference-model has been developed to illustrate NetMatchs view on e-commerce in the travel industry. The e-business suite TourWeb closes the gap between the traveler and the travel organization in the online world. The model has several functions:

  1. To map the key processes of our customers on a comprehensive model. This allows us to focus on the relevant functional areas that must be addressed to continuously innovate the e-commerce domain for the travel industry;
  2. Internally it acts as a knowledge-management model for NetMatchs. When new functionality and/or technology emerges the ref-model is used to analyze the impact and subsequently drive the development of new modules.

More traffic, more conversion, means more business


solutions and innovations The significance for travel and tourism is enormous. It means being connected to the web when you travel locally to work, to the store, to the gym, as well as on business trips and family holidays.

In addition, the web will be able to understand the meaning of available information and services making it possible to better satisfy the request of travelers.

The TourWeb E-Business Suite The TourWeb e-business suite is a fully featured e-commerce solution for tour operators and online travel agents. Several loosely-coupled modules and functional components enable you to create your own internet sales and marketing platform. The flexibility and scalability of TourWeb lets you compete in an increasingly dynamic market.

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Case Zoover

NetMatch works closely together with Zoover to help them achieving their business goals.

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