Social media integration

The NetMatch approach to social media

  • Encourage social media activity first and foremost in your own website / community.
  • Then distribute this content far and wide across all the social media sites relevant to your target audience
  • Use social media data and content within the environment of your own website.
  • Don't forget to benchmark and measure! Define a clear social media strategy and goals in order to measure the success properly.

Benefits of social media

  • Sales: Exposure of products and promotions
  • Customer support: Immediate feedback and response, cost reduction
  • Public relations: Improved brand image via (proper use of) the social web
  • Customer loyalty: Increased and better quality of interactions, deeper relationship with brand
  • More traffic: Through proper integration of your website with social media.


  • Core platforms: Find out where your target audience is and concentrate all your efforts on these platforms, e.g. Twitter, Facebook & Hyves in NL.
  • Branding: Make sure the pages on the social media sites reflects the look and feel of your company by personalizing it as much as possible. Adding games, quizzes and other special features will also help your page to stand-out from the competitors.
  • Single sign-up: Use Facebook connect or OpenID instead of your own website specific username and password.
  • Provide interaction possibilities: Like it; Share it; Include a unique and recognizable #tag when tweeting; use a custom URL shortener instead of the generic TinyURL or
  • Flickr and Youtube have an enormous amount of photos and videos. Allow users to easily access their own content and to publish it on your own website. The quality of material available, especially on Flickr, is amazing.