Faceted Search

Searching is the center of attention. TourWeb has incorporated a navigation search server. It uniquely follows people's logic to help web visitors to find intuitively what they are looking for and as a result, sell more. Faceted Search works by automatically building out the countless unique browse paths that reach each product. It helps customers to find what they are looking for by wrapping results in browse choices showing them where to go next. Show users what options they have and enable them to slice and dice through the catalogue.

Text Search helps to successfully retrieve results regardless of how web visitors choose to ask. The search engine can find word form variations like correct spellings and plurals, find related concepts, answer natural language questions and suggest alternative queries. This leads to highly relevant results, and fewer "no results found" responses. A state of the art addition to our text search is a semantic search feature.

By browsing and searching web visitors narrow the list of products that are important to them.

Advanced merchandising features enable the website to respond to people's search requests with the commercial needs of the business in mind. Promotions that match the search criteria or navigation path have demonstrated to improve usability experience of web visitors and more important a higher conversion rate!

Case Zoover

NetMatch works closely together with Zoover to help them achieving their business goals.

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