TourWeb Studio

TourWeb Studio offers full control over key processes managing the entire web presence. Different modules enable the business user to define, measure, control and report about the processes necessary to do e-business. Detailed insight into the performance of your website is given by branch specific performance indicators supporting decision making. Setting up marketing campaigns, promoting special offers to optimize yield or managing the dynamic content on the websites are just a few examples of what TourWeb Studio has to offer.

Business Intelligence, strategic, tactical and operational decision making is supported using build-in analytical tools that visualize Critical Performance Indicators in a dashboard. Based on the business rules of the customer these CPI’s can be customized to their specific requirements.

Marketing campaigns, both creation, initiation as well as near real-time monitoring is made possible. Examples are: putting a new offering including all necessary e-commerce features online in just a few hours; or launching a 1on1 e-mail campaign targeting a specific customer segment and monitoring its conversion.

Case Zoover

NetMatch works closely together with Zoover to help them achieving their business goals.

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