Testimonials of Employees

Working for the tourism industry is a great opportunity for every web developer to grow, learn new cutting-edge technologies and find new challenges due to the diversity and complexity of this industry. As the internet technologies are in continuous development, there's always something new to learn and achieve to build smarter and smarter solutions for our clients to stay on top. Various clients with different data in multiple systems and all this data needs to end up nicely on the webpage; this means for me that flexibility is the word that describes NetMatch best.

The key aspect to stay on top in this market is the professionalism and quality of work ultimately proven by the success of websites built for our clients. If we imagine how many people are looking for a vacation then we realize that quality is the most important key in tourism industry and that it is not just building websites. To be successful the websites need to be found by search engines, look good on different internet browsers, respond quick and be easy to maintain. All this can be achieved only by working in a professional team. Being part of such a team makes you become better each day, be more flexible and raise the quality of work.

Working for NetMatch is a very good opportunity to learn new technologies and to face new challenges each day. That is what makes my web developer career more valuable and, last but not least, make new friends in the process.

Claudiu Itu
Web developer

In the past I worked for companies like KPN Research, Shell, BP, KLM and Transavia, but I enjoy working for NetMatch much more. I am responsible for the databases, and I have a lot a freedom to organize my work. The amount of traffic we experience on our websites forces me to deliver efficient database structures and code, so the job comes with a heavy responsibility. It requires me to use my analytical skills continuously, in pleasant way. I will not be bored easily here.

NetMatch fits me well because it is my ambition to develop myself in a technical direction, and NetMatch supports me to accomplish this. We use the latest database versions with all the new programming possibilities, so I can immediately practice what I learn. Besides, due to the flat organizational structure I work in an environment where my skills are utilized very well; I can decide how I want to develop the database functionalities. It feels very good to receive the confidence of my colleagues in what I am professionally achieving.

Lex van de Pol
Sr. database architect

My job as a developer at NetMatch is fun. The work I do is quite diverse. On the one hand I am thinking together with the customer on solutions for the problems they have, while on the other hand I am part of a team of people actually implementing these solutions. Since it is encouraged within the organization to stay informed on new technologies and use them, there is always something new to learn and use. Our customers actually expect to get the newest of the new in their applications. This keeps the work I do very interesting.

The organization itself is a professional one. This is needed since the projects on which we work are complex and the websites are the core business of our customers. This brings responsibility for everyone in the organization to keep focused on results. However, due to the flat organization and good atmosphere, I am still happy to go to work every day and create new and exciting things.

Joris van Geffen
Sr. web developer

What I look for in a job is what most would look for; decent pay, good working environment, motivating projects, etc. We all know the list, right? For my last job hop NetMatch initially wasn't on my list of potential employers, but it got added through a combination of hearsay and some digging around on the web. What gripped me when I went for the interview with NetMatch, and probably what made me take the job, was the professional yet casual attitude combined with the expertise with a wealth of advanced technologies in the .NET ecosphere.

Over the 1.5 years I've been employed thus far, I've had the pleasure of working on quite a few enterprise class web sites and applications for our customers, all engineered using the best of technologies available. As a web developer, for me that means ASP.NET 4, MVC3 and Razor combined with cutting edge client technologies like jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. That doesn't tickle your fancy? Then perhaps other technology like WF4 does, or maybe our internal NuGet package stream to distribute libraries.

Suffice to say: NetMatch is a quick adopter and is at the forefront of technology. This is with good reason: the projects we complete present challenging requirements, both functional and quality of service, that demand smart solutions and sound design decisions. As a developer I receive the freedom to achieve these solid solutions and I am responsible for delivering a quality product using the full extent of the knowledge and tools available.

Ron Otten, MSc
Web developer

As our customers have grown over the years and so have our (technical) solutions. Today we are creating complex solutions that span various interest areas within the software engineering profession. The future promises only more and bigger projects. On a daily basis we are confronted with challenges concerning availability, scalability, usability and many more of these software qualities. All this makes for an interesting place to work where I think any developer with a healthy appetite for a technical challenge should be able to find his place.

As a Microsoft partner we are constantly looking at the latest developments in the .NET environment and see how we can apply these in real world solutions. If we see a new technique or solution to a problem we are facing it doesn't take years before we apply or implement it. We are a hands-on organization that is mostly technically driven by the developers. Because of this developers are not only informed on new developments but will have real world experiences with them.

Leo Hexspoor
Software architect

Working at NetMatch means working with a great team. Great results are accomplished only if people love what they are doing, and at NetMatch this is what we all have in common, we love our jobs. What makes our jobs so lovable? Well, a lot of things...first of all, since your first day of work everyone makes you feel that you're part of the big NetMatch family, you are surrounded with an elite class of people that possess not only technical qualities but also moral values. You not only have the possibility to learn from the best, but you also have the opportunity to become one of them in a very short time if you prove that you have what it takes.

Our main goal is to succeed in everything we do. In order to reach that goal we try to keep in touch with all the latest software tools and technologies, we use a well-defined software process structure and last but not least we promote employee self-responsibility. We are not only working towards our company's goal but the company also supports us in achieving our career goals. Together we were able to overcome any challenge.

Whether we are talking about PMs, DBAs, sys admins, web developers or testers, everyone is passionate, we all try to improve continuously, be responsive to client/customer needs and support other team members. The passion that is in people makes a fundamental difference on the results; this is how NetMatch became one of the European leaders in providing Travel Technology Solutions.

Anca Radu
Sr. web developer

I came in touch with NetMatch as I had a background in the tourism business; I liked the openness of the people who did the interview, so I decided to join the team.

We work with the latest Microsoft technologies, so my work is still interesting after almost 6 years. I'll list a few here: Windows Server AppFabric Caching, Windows Communication Foundation, MVC 2 and 3.

Being the lead developer of a team of 5 developers and 2 testers, also enlarged my horizon on what the software world is (besides writing code).

Dan Fizesan
Sr. web developer

3 years ago I started at NetMatch as a Business Intelligence engineer as a part of my graduation project. Currently I am working as a project manager for multiple international clients in the tourism sector. The reason why I am mentioning this is because NetMatch gives you the opportunity to extend your personal career and experience. As a project manager you are trying to 'translate' the wishes from clients into readable requirements for the project team. This means a lot of contact by e-mail or by phone. You are also responsible to make sure the planning is met and everything is done within budget. This of course is the biggest challenge you will have to face because there are always risks involved. Other challenges that you will encounter is the complexity of the applications we build, like for example internet booking engines which are an important sales channel for tour operators.

To achieve these challenges NetMatch has a lot of knowledge held within the developers, designers, system- and database administrators. We are constantly looking for new technologies that can help us to serve the customer needs. One thing where NetMatch stands for is providing quality. Because the systems we create for our clients are so important we need to provide the quality they would expect. As a project manager it is then your job to make sure this quality is achieved by working closely with your team and the client.

We are not only a supplier but also a partner who thinks along with the client and tries to react pro-actively on the circumstances. We are always looking for new challenges, techniques to help our clients getting a better position in the market!

Frank van Loon
Project manager

I am a web developer at NetMatch and I have been working for 3 and a half years now on interesting projects with the latest technologies.

What is nice about this company is that we are very flexible and we adopt the latest technologies really quickly which is a positive thing for a developer since this keeps you up to date. The projects are also challenging: high volume web applications in which every single line of code that you write matters, applications that use different advanced search technologies. Our customers need to cope with their competitors and that is why we, as developers, need to be up to date with the latest technological innovations so that we deliver high quality software.

But the above won't matter at all if the working atmosphere wouldn't be so familiar and cozy as it is right now. The colleagues are really great, we go out and socialize with each other on a monthly basis and from time to time the company organizes different events in order to keep its employees happy. It is a fun company with a really informal atmosphere, we are like a family.

Cristina Ciuhuta
Sr. web developer

Before starting at NetMatch in 2000, I had worked as a graphic designer at several different advertising agencies. During one of my projects there, I was given the opportunity to work on a website. A whole new world opened up for me then. With printwork, you can turn a page, or read upside-down from bottom to top, that's it. With a website on the other hand, you have different fonts, animation, video, sound and other elements to name just a few of the possibilities!

At the time, NetMatch was a small company with a few customers that were active in the travel industry. I worked on the design of our websites from the very beginning. During that period, we experienced rapid growth, both in terms of personnel and customers. NetMatch soon decided to promote itself as a travel industry specialist, and the possibility to book travel directly was the first tangible evidence of this. Design has always been my passion, and being able to do this work for NetMatch and its customers has also led to tremendous personal growth for me. Thanks to discussions with, questions from and solutions for customers and colleagues, I have obtained better insight into how I can improve the quality of our products through my work.

As designer in a team of technicians, I think teamwork is one of NetMatch's most important strengths. Communication with customers is also extremely important to the success of the final results. Our projects always involve a variety of disciplines: project management, requirements engineering, development, databases, system administration and design. These combinations mean that when we work on a project, we always incorporate all of the disciplines. Our customers' organisations are large enough that they have their own e-commerce specialists working in-house; the standard of the partnership is very high as a result.

Working at NetMatch has been very important to me for a long time. I learn something new each day, and will always be able to continue to grow.

Gijs Beerman
Sr. web designer
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