Rhomberg Reisen GmbH is a package tour operator specializing in island destinations like Korsika, Madeira, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Iceland and more.

Rhomberg is a privately owned Austrian business that has always been a strong direct seller next to their traditional sales through travel agencies (multi-channel strategy). Standard packages, Fly&Drive and different kinds of roundtrips are part of their product portfolio.

Rhomberg: Online sales increased by more than 100%

NetMatch helps Rhomberg Reisen to expand into new markets.

"The result driven approach of NetMatch leads to a very efficient and effective implementation. After years of profitable cooperation, NetMatch is our business partner we highly recommend." Mag. Stefan Müller (Managing Director) Reisebüro Rhomberg GmbH

The challenge

In the summer of 2010 Rhomberg Reisen came to the conclusion that the limitations of the existing website couldn’t be ignored anymore. Only 10% of all bookings were generated through the website www.rhomberg-reisen.com and this percentage needed to be increased.

The architecture of the web solution was over 5 years old and couldn’t provide efficient solutions for new requirements anymore. Internet had evolved a lot and new players had entered the market. Rhomberg needed to attract more traffic and to increase the conversion rate of the website. For online bookings (direct sales) no commission has to be paid to the travel agency. More traffic and more conversion mean more business after all.

Another challenge was that the number of potential customers for the specialized products like Korsika for example is limited on Rhombergs home market Austria. To be able to attract more visitors to the website new markets like Germany and Switzerland would have to be penetrated with their existing products. The Internet sales channel facilitates this without excessive spending on off-line marketing activities in these new (geographically) larger markets.

The solution

Together with NetMatch a new web concept was created for Rhomberg including an e-business strategy. The new web concept ensured that the unique selling points (USPs) are clearly communicated to the visitors. In addition, the navigation design takes into account that the website visitors can land on almost every page, not just the home page. Every template provides the right information to the right target audience in an intuitive way. The new graphical design was the result of the conclusions of the web concept and many best practices gained by NetMatch over the years and not merely an aesthetic product.

NetMatch's extensive know how about e-business in the travel industry combined with the knowledge of the central reservation system (DaVinci) used by Rhomberg made it possible to transform the complex product definitions into something suitable for the website. With the new website a web user is now able to search for, find, compare and book the products sold by Rhomberg.

The result

The new website was launched just before Christmas 2010, the new Internet Booking Engine followed in the spring of 2011. If you compare 2011 with 2012 the number of visits increased by approximately 15%. Taking into account that little time was spent on content creation puts things somewhat into perspective. Rhomberg then started producing unique content on a regular basis to make landing pages relevant to visitors coming from Google (organic traffic). After this the results gradually improved. When you compare the period of November to December 2011 with 2012 visits had increased about 33%.

When NetMatch analyzed the performance of the old website in 2010 the conversion rate was 0,36%. In 2011 the conversion rate rose to 0,46%, an increase of over 27%. In December 2012 the conversion rate was at 0,56%.

In 2010 Rhomberg sold 90% of their products offline and 10% online. In 2012 online sales have risen to 21%.

Next steps

The objectives for 2013 are clear: more traffic, more conversion, more online business. The goal is to increase the online sales from 21% to 33%. Growth in number of visitors should come from the new markets Germany and Switzerland. Next to that personalized and highly targeted e-mail campaigns will generate more traffic for www.rhomberg-reisen.com.

The organization of Rhomberg is constantly adapted and new processes are implemented in order for the e-business to thrive. The website is monitored on a daily basis and adequate actions are being taken quickly, using the Tourweb suite. A landing page that isn’t found or a teaser that isn’t clicked on shouldn’t be allowed to stay online too long. After all, data does beat opinion.

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