Hotelplan Schweiz AG and Travelhouse AG have been operating under the joint name of Hotelplan Suisse since January 2008. As of 1st November 2008, the merger has been legally completed and the resulting company is registered under the name Hotelplan Suisse (MTCH AG).

Hotelplan Suisse is a business unit of Hotelplan Group and operates on the Swiss market with its brands Globus Reisen, Tourisme Pour Tous, Travelhouse, Hotelplan, Migros Ferien, Denner Reisen and bta first travel. Find more about Hotelplan Suisse on and about Hotelplan Group on

Travelhouse generates more website
traffic via organic search

NetMatch helps Travelhouse to attract more people to their website by implementing a well thought SEO strategy.

"To achieve the goal to increase website traffic via organic search it's essential to implement a SEO Strategy consistently and regularly to inspect and adapt. NetMatch provides competent and comprehensive advice, as well as great support, in all the SEO relevant areas (Design, Functionality, User Experience)." Reto Kuhn, Senior Project Manager Hotelplan Management AG

The situation

Travelhouse, a core brand of Hotelplan Suisse, represents ten specialist brands (africantrails, caribtours, falcontravel, inditours, oceanstar, salinatours, sierramar, skytours, soleytours, wettstein).

Originally each specialist had its own online presence, meaning a website with only their own product offerings. However, these websites lacked features in terms of product presentation and online bookability.

On the 1st of May 2012, Hotelplan and NetMatch launched a complete new website for Travelhouse in which all their specialist brand offerings were presented. The main goals of this project were to:

  • Increase the brand awareness;
  • Inspire & advise clients;
  • Build-up and establish a strong specialist competence;
  • Have a strong SEO implementation to attract more visitors through organic search;
  • Allow cross selling between the brands.

This case will focus on SEO and the results which have been achieved in this project so far.

The solution

Studies have shown that 90% of all website traffic (worldwide) is coming via search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Since 62% of all users only clicks on 1st page results and 90% of the users never go past the 2nd page, a strong SEO implementation is essential to online success.

SEO is a constantly changing landscape. Google, for example, uses more than 200 ranking factors to be able to offer the user the best possible results for his search. These ranking factors can be on-site or off-site, technical or related to content.

NetMatch actively monitors new developments and trends in this area, as well as benchmarking our projects with other travel websites. We continuously update our SEO Best Practices and offer our client’s relevant suggestions and advice to increase their position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

In the Travelhouse project, we paid a lot of attention on getting the products from all specialist brands online. This does not only involve content about the offered hotels, roundtrips, cruises and excursions, but also relevant touristic information about the destinations which you can book on

In addition to the content, this project also included a well thought out implementation of page titles, headings and metatags, more advanced features like a SEO Footer to get link juice to the most important pages, MicroData for products and Image SEO.

The result

Since the re-launch of the Travelhouse website in May 2012, we experienced very good results on the website traffic which is generated via organic search. Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms. When we compare the analytics from the year before the re-launch with those of the first six months after the launch, the overall share of organic search increased from 45% to 70%! So 7 out of 10 visitors are now finding the Travelhouse website via organic search!

Other noticeable achievements are:

  • The overall bounce rate dropped from 45% to 27%;
  • On average, a user spends one minute longer on the website and visits 7 pages compared with only 4 on the old website;
  • The number of website pages indexed by Google has increased, which provides a greater number of landing pages to the user.

All together we can say that the strong SEO implementation we've planned at the beginning of the project is a success. We were able to attract more users via organic search and can offer the user a landing page which fits his search terms.

Does SEO stops here? No! NetMatch and Hotelplan will continuously improve the website, both technically and content wise, to keep up with the ever changing landscape of SEO!

  1. Hotelplan 1
  2. Hotelplan 2
  3. Hotelplan 3
  4. Hotelplan 4
  5. Hotelplan 5
  6. Hotelplan 6
"NetMatch not only provided us with an excellent SEO platform, but enabled us to continuously improve individual pages very efficiently. They have a great understanding of our goals and know how to help us achieve them. For Travelhouse, this is the perfect partnership." Thomas Reichenbach, Head of E-Commerce Travelhouse

Google Analytics

Traffic types

The left pie chart is describing the traffic channels before the re-launch (1 May 2011 to 30 April 2012) and the right pie chart is describing the traffic channels after the
re-launch (1 May 2012 to 7 Nov 2012).

Other statistics

Some general statistics about Bounce rate, Time on Site and Pages/visit.
After the launch, the bounce rate decreased and the time spent on the website and the pages/visit increased.


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