Zoover is the largest independent travel review website in the Netherlands. The site has millions of reviews on accommodations, destinations and points of interests illustrated with millions of holiday photos and videos added by Zoover users. Zoover is active in more than 25 countries and works with partners such as: tour operators, hotels, travel agencies etc.

Besides giving the visitor the opportunity to find usefull information or inspiration about possible holiday destinations, Zoover is also a portal for comparing and booking holiday packages.

Zoover: NetMatch is our strategic IT partner who adds value to our business

A dedicated team from NetMatch works closely together with their Zoover stakeholders to help them achieving their business goals.

"NetMatch supports us in our growth ambitions since 2004 and is the driving IT force behind our websites. They are a leader in new travel technologies and smart travel solutions and a reliable partner whom you can entrust all your IT needs in e-commerce and travel." Stephan Bosman, CEO Zoover

The situation

Since the startup in 2004 the Zoover website grew to serving close to 1 million visitors and 25 million page views a day at peak times.

As a result of their fast growing business, Zoover was looking for a reliable IT partner who could keep up with their growth ambitions and was capable of implementing innovative requirements, fast and on time. This growth and increasing complexity of their business had to be managed in such a way that the website’s scalability and performance in the long run were ensured.

Therefore a strategic partner had to be found to whom Zoover can entrust the development and maintenance of their core business and which acts at the same time as a consultancy partner so that new trends in business and travel technology are adopted in time. And of course all this against competitive costs!

The solution

All IT services for Zoover are provided from Cluj-Napoca (Romania) where NetMatch has a nearshoring center which provides travel technology solutions with dedicated software development teams.

Together with Zoover a collaboration model was set up which allows the NetMatch team to act as a seamless extension of their organization in terms of communication and processes, respecting Zoover’s company culture.

In this collaboration the NetMatch Nearshoring principles were applied to guarantee value for money:

Software development as a software factory
  • Reusable code containing all NetMatch best practices;
  • Standard tooling for project administration and source control;
  • Standardized processes.

This improves efficiency, productivity and flexibility!

Agile project management
  • Iterative short releases;
  • Decisions about scope and timelines are taken together with Zoover and aim for the optimization of the time to market of Zoover’s business requirements.
Transparency and open communication
  • Work status and progress can be checked real time in Team Foundation Server (TFS). Client and team are looking at the same worksheet which can be updated from both sides. This way issues can be spotted and solved fast;
  • Short communication lines directly with the team members via e-mail, conference call, etc.;
  • Reporting about delivered work is provided to Zoover on a monthly basis.

Dutch management guarantees alignment with the western European way of working.

With our nearshoring model we realize cost reduction and quality increase. Development is driven by business priorities.

The result

Since 2004 NetMatch has been Zoover’s strategic IT partner for development and maintenance of the Zoover websites from our nearshoring location in Cluj-Napoca. In 2013, Zoover started as Online Travel Agency (OTA) on the Dutch market. NetMatch has also supported Zoover with the extension of these business activities.

A dedicated team of web developers, database developers, testers and project management has over the years ensured that business requirements are implemented in time according to Zoover’s quality standards. Effective and close communication is used to clarify requirements and find the right solutions to issues.

NetMatch and Zoover work actively together in finding the right solutions for Zoover’s business needs. In situations in which third parties are involved e.g. for retargeting campaigns, banners or data feeds, NetMatch takes the lead and coordinates the technical implementation directly with the third party.

A scalable architecture facilitated the growth of the Zoover sites without major re-implementations being necessary. Continuous monitoring and anticipated performance improvements kept response times on the site fast despite of the high volumes it has to serve.

Strategic partnership and operational excellence characterize the relationship between NetMatch and Zoover since 2004.

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